Received a technical assessment
Jetpack Compose
Built UI components
Used Github
Delivered an assessment for a new job. 

The task was to create a button using Jetpack Compose according to the Design System that is being set-up.

The task description was the following:

The button should have the following options:
  • Type = Primary (default) or Brand
  • Size = Regular (default) or Compact
  • LeadingIcon (optional)
  • TrailingIcon (optional)

By default the button should span the entire width, but in certain exceptions it should be able to get a different width.

In the future Dark Theme support will be added in which all the colours will be different. Could you create a NesTheme in which we could inject colors, so that the NesButton doesn't have hardcoded colors.

Please put the code in a (private) GitHub repository. We are curious about your Git hygiene.

Happy to inform you that I got the job! I'm really excited to start this new journey.